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NEWS. The Renfields have been turning up in some unusual places lately, not the least of which is the latest episode of American Nightmares, which is actually a tribute to Spanish horror film icon Paul Naschy.  The Renfields travel to Arlington, Virginia to play the Classic Film Fest horror convention, and upon arriving at their hotel meet up with Mr. Naschy, along with his charming wife and son, in the lounge, along with the show's host, Blood E. Murder...  What happens next cannot be described adequately here, but needless to say, before it's over, things get totally out of hand and the band rocks a house comprised of such horror legends and luminaries as Kevin McCarthy (from Invasion of the Body Snatchers), the late, great producer Samuel Z. Arkoff and Conrad Brooks (Plan 9 From Outer Space), who loved the band's set, as did cult film star Randal Malone, which led to a whole other story which we can't go into details about at this time, but whoooo boy maybe next time.  Anyway, Blood E. Murder has the DVD available for purchase. Just go to the American Nightmares website and buy American Nightmares: Paul Naschy: Beasts, Breasts, and Blood. You also can watch a video clip of a Renfields performance.
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Hear (previously) unreleased Renfields songs on mp3 ! Thanks to advances in modern technology, you can now creep around the RENFIELDS audio archives at will. Not recommended for the faint of heart, but you can check out some way cool tunes by clicking the titles below:
Hypnotic Eye From the upcoming album Alive Again
Unbound From the Upcoming album Alive Again

the classics 

Sinister Sally from the album Spring-Heeled Jack
Chinese Wedding Song from the album Spring-Heeled Jack
Precious Blood from the album Sounds of Romance Sounds of Horror

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Click her for a sample of the tune "Tank Abbott live in the Octagon:"








 Jim and Conrad Brooks at the Filmfest          The Renfields EP as available at the Horror Convention

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